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Tax Planning and Preparation

Take a proactive approach to tax services and minimize your stress by outsourcing your tax planning and preparation to BJM Group. We easily manage your taxes to create more time for the things that are important to you. From individuals, families, trusts and estates to businesses in a variety of sizes and industries, we will work with you to ensure your taxes are expertly prepared. Our services offerings don’t stop there. We work with partnerships, LLCs, corporations, non-profit organizations, and community associations and offer tax authority representation, tax consulting, sales tax services, and tax analysis for the sale or purchase of a business. Look to BJM Group for all of your tax preparation needs.

Business Accounting and Consulting

Running a business is complex with many demands for your time. Your energy and expertise may be better spent operating your business rather than recording financial transactions. When you partner with BJM Group for your accounting and business advisory, we will save you time and money, providing a 360-degree view of your business, tax liability, and cash flow while managing your back-end financials. We support businesses of all sizes and complexities, providing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial preparation, accounting services, reporting and advisory services. From bookkeeping to CFO services, we’ll grow with your business.


As a business owner, you are pulled in a thousand directions. It’s easy to put off updating your QuickBooks account or other tool (if you have one), let alone tracking progress toward your business and financial goals. Your financials tell your story, and understanding them is your key to creating the right foundation for your success.

Start improving your business outlook today with proactive bookkeeping services for your business. BJM Group will set up your books, catch up if needed, manage revenue and expenses, and deliver proactive reporting that will help you measure success and make important decisions.

Whether you’re just starting out, aggressively growing, or have run into some challenges, BJM Group will provide real-time understanding of your business’ current financial health, as well as the metrics and measures you need to grow and thrive.

We’re bookkeeping innovators backed by over 50 years of proven experience. Partner with us today to move your business forward.

Community Associations

Take the stress out of managing your association and keep it running smoothly with tax, accounting and auditing services from BJM Group. Acutely aware of the unique needs and differences between condominiums, co-ops, and HOAs, BJM Group is experienced in navigating the financial requirements for each.

Take advantage of our options, from individual services such as tax prep, audits and reserve plan reviews to full accounting packages with board meeting representation, we work with you to plan the best financial path forward.

Audits, Financial Reporting, and Performance Reviews

Whether you need an audit to satisfy loan covenants, meet grant requirements, or need greater assurance of your financials, our audit experts can meet your needs. BJM Group offers audits, reviews, and other financial procedures you may need to provide confirmation of your financial health, potentially uncovering minor mistakes to costly instances of theft or fraud.

Our auditors maintain the highest professional standards and will provide independent assurance that your financial statements are correct. We will guide you through the process and work to make your audit as unobtrusive as possible, so you can have the peace of knowing your financials are accurate.

Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments require extensive planning, especially in this turbulent market. And you need a partner to ensure investments are adequately structured today to meet future goals and objectives.

BJM Group provides the expertise and practical advice you need to develop entities and partnerships, then acquire and operate your real estate assets. Let the team at BJM Group help you determine when to purchase, sell, and take losses or gains.

We offer a full spectrum of accounting, tax, and general advisory services for real estate investors and investments. Expert assistance is provided through every phase of the investment.

Retirement Planning Services

Will I outlive my money?

This is one of the most common retirement questions we receive. The answer requires a thorough financial review from an unbiased advisor like BJM Group, plus a solid financial strategy that minimizes risk over time.

Planning for personal financial security is vital for you in later years, but developing an effective plan begins today. Your investment strategy should evolve, something your stockbroker may not want to discuss.

Develop an effective retirement plan today. With our partnership, we will learn about your needs and goals and develop the right investment strategy for you.

We’re not brokers or financial product providers – we’re here to deliver unbiased solutions and expert advice tailored to your needs.