Community associations play a vital role in fostering vibrant neighborhoods and creating a sense of belonging among sh

  • Review financials every month
  • Maintain adequate insurance coverage – including D&O for the board
  • Follow financial covenants and statutes – confirm sound financial procedures and controls
  • File annual tax returns

You can impact your community’s financial weather forecast

While we can’t turn clouds into sunshine, your actions can have a big impact on your community association’s financial forecast. Community associations, like all businesses, need proactive, diligent  financial management to thrive. Like the weather, financial management is a never-ending cycle. In this case, the cycle includes planning, reporting, and adapting to change. The good news is that you don’t have to be a financial expert, although some familiarity with business accounting is a real advantage. When you need help, or just want answers to tough questions, give us a call.