How about a little accounting humor?

How about a little accounting humor?

How About a Little Accounting Humor in the Form of a Meme? With the July 4th holiday weekend approaching, we think it’s a great time to have a little fun. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen a meme online or via a phone text message. And, if you've followed our blog for [...]

Lessons We Learned During Tax Season 2022

We asked our tax professionals to explain what worked and what didn’t work this past tax season. They offered the following insights into planning for the next tax year while allowing space and time for the unexpected. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is working hard to keep up. For example, as of late December 2021, [...]

Community Association Insurance: Are You Covered?

Ah, insurance. You don’t need it until you need it. Excellent quality insurance coverage is necessary to protect your community association from some of life’s worst rainy-day situations.  Without the proper coverage, you risk paying damage, loss, theft, or legal fees out of your HOA funds or even being held personally liable as a board [...]

Understanding the Basics of Board Financial Reporting

As a property manager or community association board member, sometimes it’s tough to remember that associations are businesses. Some of them are pretty large, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in dues collected and expenses paid each year. That requires regular, proactive monitoring to ensure that issues, like mistakes or variances, are quickly identified and [...]

BJM Group Acquires Two Tampa Accounting Firms

BJM Group is very pleased to announce the addition of William Demers & Company and Davidson, Jamieson & Associates to our network of local accounting firms. Clients can expect to continue working with their local teams, but now have access to expanded local, regional, and global resources and expertise in: Tax preparation Business and community [...]

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