BJM Group is very pleased to announce the addition of William Demers & Company and Davidson, Jamieson & Associates to our network of local accounting firms. Clients can expect to continue working with their local teams, but now have access to expanded local, regional, and global resources and expertise in:

  • Tax preparation
  • Business and community association accounting, auditing, and consulting
  • Financial coaching
  • Real estate partnerships

More about BJM Group

All BJM Group firms have the same focus – personalized client attention, stellar local reputation, and sustainable growth. BJM Group is proud of the relationships our accounting firms have built with their clients and communities. We we are excited to continue building a network of community-based accounting firms, investing in their success, and securing legacies.

BJM Group seeks successful firms with deep roots in their communities, with owners who want to stay involved and continue providing top-notch accounting, tax, and advisory services to their clients. It’s not for everyone, but it may be right for you. Please contact us to learn more and schedule an introductory meeting.