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Nieleh Wilcots

Client Relations

Nieleh Wilcots enjoys playing with numbers and has turned that passion into a career as a client engagement manager for BJM Group. With a background in information technology, financial coaching, and bookkeeping, she has a unique skill set that allowed her once to recognize major discrepancies in a property management company’s financials. With Nieleh’s help, monthly losses were soon being appropriately recorded as substantial gains. “I enjoyed helping the property owners translate their numbers into meaningful information,” she says.

Nieleh has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, with a minor in accounting, from California State University San Bernardino. She worked in information technology for six years and then expanded into bookkeeping. She began helping clients as a financial coach two years ago.

When not serving clients, Nieleh enjoys spending time with her two children and extended family. They love family game nights, which Nieleh says can get particularly competitive while playing Monopoly. “Some people don’t like playing Monopoly with us,” she jokes. “I don’t know why; it’s super fun.”

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